Jim Levy

Jim started in 2000 as an attorney, assisting workers, parents, business owners, condominium associations, homeowners, people with disabilities, and organizations through legal counsel and litigation.  Over time, however, Jim realized that in many cases (but not all), litigation was making his clients’ lives worse, not better, even when a case was “won.”  Especially destructive were the length of time spent in litigation, the high emotional toll on the clients, and the financial cost of litigation.  There was a better way… mediation and conflict resolution.  Through mediation and other conflict resolution processes, couples, groups, businesses and organizations could resolve the immediate, destructive conflicts they were experiencing, and establish proactive ways to deal with future conflict.  
Jim’s roles as impartial mediator, effective trainer and supportive conflict coach  are to facilitate the conflict engagement process, help clients to understand their conflicts and the perspectives of others involved, and then give clients empowering tools and skills both for resolving those present conflicts and helping mitigate and prevent future conflicts.  Jim brings his broad experience with collaboration, dispute resolution, litigation, design and research into his work at Levy Conflict Engagement. A sample of his mediations, coaching and facilitating includes large and small conflicts in every major area of people’s lives: family, workplace, landlord-tenant, neighborhood, commercial, and our offline and online communities. The perspectives that he brings to his role as a mediator, trainer, facilitator and conflict coach are those of empowerment, understanding, collaboration, and proactive engagement of conflict.