Destructive conflicts can poison a workplace or relationship, and cannot usually be “managed” away or ignored. Conflict left alone can worsen resulting in anger, distraction, helplessness, and the loss of productivity and effectiveness not only of the people primarily involved, but also everyone around those people. Engaging conflict directly and proactively can mitigate the negative effects and help prevent future conflicts.

Who can we help?  

Individuals, Partners, Businesses, Non-Profits, Congregations, and Communities

At Levy Conflict Engagement, from our first contact with our client, we work to understand you, your situation and your needs. With that in mind, we give you options, with different costs, that will address those needs. We work with individuals, coworkers, teams, leadership, and entire organizations.

When organizations ignore conflict, or wait to intervene, it risks exacerbating conflict and dissent to the point that it spreads, stopping productivity, eliminating the ability to be creative, harming relationships with customers, and sometimes resulting in lawsuits.

By intervening proactively and early, we can help coworkers and teams communicate better, collaborate better, and work through disagreements constructively, leading to better outcomes, products and services.

How can we help?

Levy Conflict Engagement has a number of services that can be customized and combined to meet our clients’ needs:

Mediation of disputes that need resolution in order for people to move forward. Mediation is a facilitated discussion and negotiation between two or more people.  We will provide a neutral person (the mediator) who helps the people involved in the conflict express their (and listen to others’) interests, needs and positions.  The mediator will assist the people involved in the conflict work towards a resolution of that conflict.

Conflict Coaching to help individuals deal more effectively with conflict and become better communicators and collaborators. Conflict Coaching is a process whereby a conflict resolution coach will help an individual, couple, or group understand how they approach conflict, and gain skills in handling the present and future conflicts in their lives.

Facilitation of workshops and trainings to develop communication, collaboration and conflict resolution skills for teams, boards, organizations and communities.

Facilitation of difficult, contentious discussions where the priorities are producing effective solutions, promoting true understanding, increasing collaboration in crises, and making decisions while maintaining important relationships.

Design conflict management systems and processes that are not only effective at resolving conflict after it appears, but also proactively prevent conflict and increase the effectiveness of team and organizational collaboration in the future.

Online Conflict Resolution services for situations where the people involved in conflict are far apart. Our services do not necessarily involve a meeting at the same location.  Any of our services, whether it be mediation, coaching, training, facilitating, or consulting, may also be conducted online, through secure video-conferencing software on computers and mobile devices.

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